Autumn Eggleton


Autumn has been working in her fields of Visual & Performing Arts for the last 10 years in New York, New Mexico, & Colorado. Her life’s work seeks to bring communities together through creation & healing. Outside of the Bazaar she is currently spending her little free time learning palmistry & embroidery, and researching UFOs.

Chad Howard


Chad has worked on numerous theatre productions in New York City, and has collaborated on a multitude of other creative projects. He loves to create video art, and is a huge David Lynch fan. His hobbies include studying and reading Tarot, and obsessing over Cryptocurrency.

Christine Samar


Christine is an artist & maker who crafts unique & whimsical pieces in a multitude of mediums. Her work has found its way into dozens of theatrical productions & collaborative projects. When her hands have tired of creating, she finds nourishment in researching metaphysics & mysticism, and deeply investigating music.

Carly Howard


Carly is a theatre director, actor, & singer. After many years in NYC teaching, acting, & working in DIY warehouses with one heater, co-founding Enigma Bazaar is a dream come true. She loves Absinthe, yoga, natural rhythms, her two year old, and feels like she might be writing an online dating profile right now. She's a Taurus sun and Leo moon for those keeping track.

Garrison York

Tech Manager

Garrison is an audio engineer & founder of the local Wilderness Rock band Open to the Hound. When he's not mixing or writing, he enjoys video games and Haribo Goldbären. Camping, nature, and laid-back hangtimes tickle his heart as well! Enigma Bazaar was named after a song he wrote.

Haley Watson

Bar Manager

Haley is a creative, energetic force with a passion for the arts and a good libation. With a background in both the theatre, and the hospitality industry, she is thrilled to be able to meld these two worlds together at the Bazaar. She loves yoga, wire-wrapping crystals, helping to elevate the collective consciousness, being outside in nature, and her puppy and kitty!

Chef Edwin Sandoval-Cruz

Xatrucho Concepts/Catering Team

Honduras-born and Colorado-raised, Edwin Sandoval is a modern multicultural creator of food. He's spent the last 13 years moving through the ranks of professional kitchens. In 2012 he appeared on the scene as a sous chef at Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar, Spuntino, and Beatrice & Woodsley. At 23 he helped open Argyll Whiskey Beer where he served as Chef de Cuisine. He was also the Executive Chef at Telegraph Bistro prior to creating XATRUCHO.

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