Xatrucho: An Interview with Chef Edwin Sandoval

Chef Edwin Sandoval, image courtesy of Brent Thelen

Chef Edwin Sandoval was recommended to us by Heather & Terry of Apollo Fields Photo Journalism, during the earliest phases of planning Enigma Bazaar. We met him for drinks at the Green Russell, and the evening quickly became an inspiring, laughter filled idea-fest!

Edwin grew up in Honduras and didn’t know he was destined to be an amazing chef – in fact, he thought he was going to become a dentist. He inevitably grew into his natural talent for food and decided to go to culinary school.

Edwin has been moving through the ranks of fine dining for 11 years. In 2012, he began working with Chef John Broening at Le Grand Bistro, and before long, helped Broening open his next venture, Argyll Whiskey Beer. Through the years, he has worked at Beatrice & Woodsley, Spuntino, & Telegraph. He currently finds his home at Invisiblecity, serving up delicious & healthy creations for their myriad of events, in addition to growing his own brand – Xatrucho. From his concept:

The word Xatrucho itself mixes this old and new history. In 1856, a Honduran general named Florencio Xatruch led Honduran forces into Nicaragua against William Walker, an American set on taking over Central America and promoting slavery…As legend has it, Nicaraguans had difficulty pronouncing Xatruch’s name — they called Xatruch’s men “catrachos” – hence, today’s use of ‘catrachos’ for anyone from Honduras!

Being Honduran myself and respecting both the old history while loving the modern flare we have laid on it, I take the historic root Xatruch and mix it with Catracho to end up with a history-based but modernized name of Xatrucho. I take old school and new school cooking techniques and blend them with the cuisines and culture that over time have influenced Honduras…Seasonal, sustainable, local and unique is what Xatrucho brings to Denver — a young and unpretentious cuisine."

Edwin's dish inspired by the Magician: Charred cauliflower salad, carrot saffron vinaigrette, raita, & citrus olive oil.

Soon after meeting Edwin, we decided to cut straight to not only trying his food, but also seeing how he would work to breathe culinary life into our ideas. We set him to the task of creating & cooking a custom menu for our first private event, themed around Tarot. He combined research, talent, and intuition to create four delicious and healthy courses based on the Magician, the Fool, the Emperor, and the Hermit cards.

With Edwin, our ideas of merging food with our immersive events is blossoming into a reality. He has been helping us to plan Enigma Bazaar’s culinary element, and letting us try his creations in order to plan our menu. We can’t wait to introduce you to him, and his unique cuisine when we open.

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