Natura Obscura

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Chad Howard, co-owner of Enigma Bazaar sits in the immersive experience, Natura Obscura.

We spent nearly two hours (most of which was spent alone with the four of us and no other patrons) inside of Natura Obscura. As soon as the doors closed behind us, the feeling of total envelopment set in. Our core team was invited to sneak preview Natura Obscura, currently open at the  Museum of Outdoor Arts in Englewood (MOOA), Colorado. The immersive experience is a collaboration between MOOA and Prismajic. We could no longer hear the outside world, only the soundscapes around us. We spent a few moments soaking in our surroundings together, before naturally being led in different directions based on what aspects called to us. There was such an array of light, sound, materials, and concepts, that we each found different components to share with one another – and yet we still emerged wanting to go back to continue thinking and discovering. The materials used and feelings invoked play to a larger picture than just an interesting spectacle. There are allusions to time and layers of the human mind, played out in a world of nature and symbolism that transcends our day to day thought. Reality is different inside of Natura Obscura, inviting one to reconsider how they see, hear, and touch their environment. After our adventure we got to sit down with Eric Jaenike, co-founder & president of Prismajic to discuss our experience, and what key points of the piece really stood out to us. Two beautiful and unique aspects of the immersive community in Denver are the ongoing opportunities and desires to discuss, problem solve, and share ideas together, setting this creative discipline apart from so many others. We encourage you to experience this new immersive environment.

Natura Obscura January 11th –April 28th Museum of Outdoor Arts 1000 Englewood Parkway, Englewood, CO 80110 For complete hours and ticketing information, please visit

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