Exploring Tarot And The Past: An Interview with Sherry Hern

Updated: May 15, 2018

Enigma Bazaar sat down with Denver Artist Sherry Hern to discuss her recent exploration of the Tarot and the influences behind her surreal, mixed-media work.

On The Tarot

The Tower
The Tower by Sherry Hern

Before setting forth on the task of bringing the 22 cards of the Major Arcana to life, Sherry had little experience with Tarot. Wanting to experiment with mixing solar plate printmaking, collage, and painting, she found the archetypal imagery to be fertile ground for exploration. "Learning about [Tarot] changed me quite a bit," She said. "It's the whole Hero's Journey. It brings you to awareness to where you're at in the cycle."

In her studies, Hern became fascinated with filmmaker and artist Alejandro Jodorowsky's book The Way of The Tarot. "His descriptions of each card are very poetic and vivid and intense. The meaning just sticks with the way he writes."

The World

The artistic process became more challenging than she expected. Putting so much study into the cards, she wanted to make sure she was giving each image its due.

From our perspective, she has succeeded. With thought-provoking detail in each work and the haunting multi-layered mixture of photography, printmaking and collage, her renditions inspire a deep contemplation of our own journey.

Asked if she'll continue on to complete the Minor Arcana, she laughed, "That's a lot of cards."

Background & Inspiration

Explore Sherry's background, process, and inspiration for her works in the video below:

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