Enigma Bazaar is proud to partner with Chef Edwin Sandoval, a modern multicultural creator of food.


He has spent spent the last 13 years moving through the ranks of professional kitchens. In 2012, armed with a culinary arts degree, he appeared on the Denver scene as a sous chef at Le grand bistro & Oyster bar, Spuntino and Beatrice & Woodsley. As a young professional of 23, Chef Sandoval helped open Argyll Whisky Beer in uptown Denver as Chef de Cuisine and Executive Chef at Telegraph Bistro.


We are excited to welcome Edwin and his team, XATRUCHO, into our kitchen to design our menu and create our food!

XATRUCHO focuses on curating menus that bring together the essence of classical and old-school cooking techniques while blending in Latin flavor profiles. The XATRUCHO mentality behind food is simple: cook with the seasons, source your products consciously, and above all, have fun while creating beautiful and delicious food. Their cuisine is clear - cook 100% from scratch, taste as you go, and never allow quality and flavor lose out to trends and fads. 

Edwin has worked closely with us in developing a unique, delicious, seasonal menu that we think you'll love!

Stay tuned for our opening menu.