Welcome to the Enigma Bazaar

Enigma Bazaar is a mystical, art bar and performance venue.

It is home to an array of nooks and intimate gathering spaces to hold you on your adventure.

Located at 4923 West 38th Avenue, in the historic Berkeley - Regis neighborhood, the building was erected in 1926, and has been a home to bars, live music, and creativity for decades. 

Our aim is to continue this tradition that is so integral to Denver by hosting music, theater, and immersive art experiences, while providing a place for people to connect.

Enigma Bazaar is named after the song "Welcome to the Enigma Bazaar,"

written & performed by Open to the Hound, a Wilderness Rock band from Denver, Colorado.

"Welcome to the Enigma Bazaar" tells the story of a

cosmic traveler's experience during a galactic pit stop.

We invite you to listen to the song here.

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