Enigma Bazaar is a mystical, immersive arts bar and performance venue, serving innovative, fresh, seasonal cocktails and a 100% from scratch Latin-inspired menu.

Home to all kinds of artistic expressions from live music, performance art, dance, and film to theatre, circus, magic, and tarot/astrology readings.

Located at 4923 West 38th Avenue, in the historic Berkeley - Regis neighborhood of Denver, our building was constructed in 1926, and has been a home to bars, live music, and creativity for decades. 

Enigma Bazaar is named after the song Welcome to the Enigma Bazaar,
written & performed by Open to the Hound, a wilderness rock band from Denver, Colorado.

Autumn Eggleton


Autumn has been working in her fields of Visual & Performing Arts for the last 10 years in New York, New Mexico, & Colorado. Her life’s work seeks to bring communities together through creation & healing. Outside of the Bazaar she is currently spending her little free time learning palmistry & embroidery, and researching UFOs.



Chad Howard


Chad has worked on numerous theatre productions in New York City, and has collaborated on a multitude of other creative projects. He loves to create video art, and is a huge David Lynch fan. His hobbies include studying and reading Tarot, and obsessing over Cryptocurrency.



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Christine Samar


Christine is an artist & maker who crafts unique & whimsical pieces in a multitude of mediums. Her work has found its way into dozens of theatrical productions & collaborative projects. When her hands have tired of creating, she finds nourishment in researching metaphysics & mysticism, going to see local music, and endlessly gluing oyster shells to the wall.


Carly Ament


Carly is a theatre director, actor, & singer. After many years in NYC teaching, acting, & working in DIY warehouses with one heater, co-founding Enigma Bazaar is a dream come true. She loves Absinthe, yoga, natural rhythms, her newborn and five year old, and feels like she might be writing an online dating profile right now. She's a Taurus sun and Leo moon for those keeping track.



Garrison York

Tech Manager

Garrison is an audio engineer & founder of the local Wilderness Rock band Open to the Hound. When he's not mixing or writing, he enjoys video games and Haribo Goldbären. Camping, nature, and laid-back hangtimes tickle his heart as well! Enigma Bazaar was named after a song he wrote.




Erika SanMiguel

Bar Manager

Erika was, is, and forever will be a theater nerd. She jumps at the opportunity to create and collaborate anything one might consider “art.” From blending cocktails to blending harmonies or paint colors, she thrives on the creative energies around her. She’s excited to present visually and sensationally beautiful flavors in the cocktail art we will be sharing with Denver. When she’s not creating, she enjoys reading, people watching, and spending time/blowing up the internet with photos of her Hemingway cat, Cow. Erika reads Cow’s tarot frequently but should never be entrusted with reading for a human person.